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Power Flushing

Is your system slow to warm up?

Are some radiators completely cold or partially cold?

Do radiators need frequent bleeding?

Is radiator water dirty and discoloured?

Radiators with pin holes and leakage?

Are there 'Kettling' noises from the boiler?

Do you have repeated pump failures?

Any of t he above symptoms could indicate that your system has circulation and flow problems resulting from internal corrosion and the subsequent formation of rust, sludge, and scale deposits.

In order to help you I have invested in the very latest power flushing equipment and accessories and undergone training by the manufacturer so as to maximise the effectiveness of their equipment. Whilst the Kamco Clearflow CF90 Quantum 2 was by no means the cheapest Power Flushing equipment available following my research I believe that it is the best and can offer a superior cleansing of your system over the cheaper units available.

Please contact us to discuss further and do not be fooled by those stating they can do it in a couple hours as to do a proper job takes time. I will be happy to explain how it should be done properly when we meet.


Kamco Clearflow CF90 Quantum 2

The very latest technology in power flushing. The all important flow rate of the original Quantum pump has been increased by a further 10%, without increasing maximum pressure beyond 1.8 bar, to ensure that no damage will be done to a heating system. The flow rate is more than double that of most power flushing pumps on the market, enabling it to remove more debris from a system in less time. The Quantum2 has a direct drive system to give run-dry capability, whilst the tank capacity has been increased to 57 litres, with virtually no increase in footprint. Performance is similar to commercial power flushing pumps and, although it can be used on systems with three storeys and 35-40 radiators, it may also be used on very small micro-bore heating systems with great effect. High temperature capability to 75°C is an important feature of the pump, as the efficiency of most flushing chemicals is enhanced with increased temperature. The Quantum2 can be used with dispersant chemicals that need higher temperatures to perform, as well as more powerful ‘one shot’ flushing chemicals, added through the large diameter filler cap. Sludge and corrosion deposits are dislodged by high velocity water, the direction of which can be reversed instantaneously to create turbulence in radiators. Fresh water is then driven through the system to purge the debris to waste. Progress can be clearly seen at all times through the translucent tank and clear hoses.


Kamco Clearflow CF90 Quantum 2

Large wheels for easy access ujavascript:void(0);p and down stairs but man enough to cope with up to 40 radiators


Kamco Clearflow CF90 Quantum 2

Complete range of accessories and chemicals to cope with most situations

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